The Highway of Country





             Hallo, mijn naam is Martinus Westerdijk.

             Als country dj Marty West presenteer ik:

          The Highway of Country




Al jong was ik met muziek bezig, als jongen van 17 jaar was ik drummer in ons dorps bandje. Maar door verhuizing en militaire dienst moest ik stoppen. Ik was groot fan van The Rolling Stones  (had alle lp’s tot dat de drugs invloed in de muziek kwam). Toen ben ik “afgedwaald” naar Henk Wijngaard en zo bij de country muziek beland.

In die periode was ik truckchauffeur, dus dan is Henk Wijngaard niet zo vreemd en country muziek al helemaal niet.              Later ben ik huisschilder geworden.

Een jaar voor mijn vut periode kwam ik in een 2e hands cd zaak een dj van Radio Middelse in Stiens tegen. Hij nodigde mij uit in zijn programma en vanaf dat moment maakten we als duo een programma. Een jaar later was ik alleen en dat is tot op heden nog zo.                                               

Sinds januari 2019 ben ik overgestapt naar Radio Eenhoorn in Menaldum.

In The Highway of Country kun je verschillende countrystijlen horen, zoals bluegrass en western maar ook oude en nieuwe country, countryrock.

Ook het item De Twaling (twee dezelfde nummers door twee verschillende artiesten of bands) blijft. 

Marty West presenteerd “The Highway of Country” elke woensdagavond van 20.00 uur tot 22.00 uur.

Het contact met de artiesten en luisteraars vind ik geweldig. Alhoewel de Nederlandse artiesten naar mijn mening hun muziek wel wat meer mogen promoten bij de lokale radiozenders.                                                                                                                                                                               

Ik hoop mij zo een beetje bekend te hebben gemaakt.

Een reactie op mijn programma stel ik zeer op prijs dat kan via:  Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

The Highway of Country

Playlist # 45-22-01-2020 Techniek: Johannes Bleeker.

01-Hank Locklin - Country Music Hall of Fame - Country Hall Of Fame’79 3.25

                       In Memoriam David Olney - March 23, 1948 – January 18, 2020

02-David Olney-The Moment I Tell You Goodbye-Dutchman's Curve - 2.37

02-Hal Ketchum - Mama Knows The Highway - The Hits’96 4.17

03-Hang Jones - Comin' Round - The Ballad Of Carlsbad County’08 4.16

04-Hank Beach - Whiskey Memories - Hank Is...And Sings Country’05 2.53

05-H.T. Roberts - This Side Of The River - Old Light’15 3.11

06-Johnny Cash - Rose of My Heart - American V- A Hundred Highways’06 3.18

07-Kathy Barwick &

Pete Siegfried - Diggin' Dusty Diamonds - The Trestle’15 3.43

08-Haley Sisters - Pancho Lefty - The Sweetest Gift’17 4.28

09-B. Jeff Stone - Texas Country Boy - Stone Country’99 2.46

----------De Twaling:----------

10-Billy Joe Shaver - Old Five and Dimers Like Me - The Collection CD 2 2.29

11-Jerry Jeff Walker - Old Five and Dimers Like Me - Great Gonzos’91 3.11

12-Hank Cochran - Happy Goodbye - The Heart Of Hank’68 2.18

13-Hank Horton - I Miss Your Arms Around Me - A World Of Many Heartaches’06 2.54

14-Sara Evans - Love, Don't Be a Stranger - No Place That Far-Country’14 3.16

15-Hank Karr - I Won't Be Back No More - Stealin' My World’66 1.40

16-Kathryn Parham Brickey - Longing For The Old Days - The Sweetest Flower’15 2.36

17-Sammi Smith - Where Grass Won't Grow - Sings Kentucky & Other Favorites 3.25

18-Sanford Clark - Climbin' The Walls - They Call Me Country’68 2.16

19-Sarah Gayle Meech - The Loneliest Place In Town - Tennessee Love Song’15 3.56

20-Jake Blocker - Its Your Turn To Cry - Its Your Turn To Cry’19 2.37

21-Sam Gleaves &

Tyler Hughes - Lonesome Homesick Blues - Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes’17 2.52

22-Bob Wray - Walk the Way the Wind Blows - A Collection of Hits’90 3.49

23-Greg Trooper - Living with you - Incident on Willow Street’13 2.56

----------De Twaling:----------

24-Eileen King - Seven Spanish Angels - A Sweethearts Promise’12 3.39

25-Ben Steneker & Aurora - Seven Spanish Angels - The Best Of Vol3’91 3.41

26-Johnny Cash - Locomotive Man - Heart Of Cash’68 2.51

27-Brent McAthey - You Don't Know Dick - Hillcrest 91 3.41

28-Anastasia - Trip Over My Heart - Hillcrest 91 3.24

29-Waylon Jennings - If the Shoe Fits - Love of the Common People’68 2.20

30-Johnny Rodriguez - Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico - All I Ever Meant To Do Was Sing’73 2.05

31-Bill Anderson - Bright Lights And Country Music - Bright Lights And Country Music’652.38

32-Freddie Hart - Canada To Tennessee - The Hole World Holding Hands 2.24

33-Tammy Wynette - Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad - Encore’81 2.04

34-Billie Jo Spears - I Stayed Long Enough - Country Girl’70 2.13

35-Connie Smith - Don't Keep Me Lonely Too Long - Dream Painter’73 2.22

The Highway of Country

Playlist # 44 - 15-01-2020 Techniek: Johannes Bleeker.

01-Adam Harvey - Falling Into Place - Falling Into Place 3.12

02-Blue Grass Boogiemen - Howlin' At The Moon - Hits of Hank Williams 2.50

03-Scooter Lee - Ribbon of higway - All the best 4.01

04-Blue Moon Rising - The Rocket - After All This Time’19 3.55

05-Savannah - Beer Joint Fever - The Best Of’02 2.54

06-Hank Tessa - My Chevrolet - Personal Feelings’02 2.03

07-Kris Kristofferson - Nobody Loves Anybody Anymore - To The Bone’81 3.08

08-Mac Davis - Rodeo Clown - Texas In My Rear View Mirror’80 3.53

09-R. A. Melendy & The Roots and Fifths - Deep Dark Well - Sketches of Yesteryear’19 2.22

----------De Twaling:----------

10-Tennessee Ernie Ford - The Vacant Chair - Sings Civil War Songs Of The North’61 4.16

11-Ralph Stanley - The Vacant Chair - Divided & United Songs of the Civil War 3.52

12-Mac Curtis - Beautiful Annabel Lee - Songs I Wish I Wrote’06 3.15

13-Wake Eastman - Crazy Moon - Where There's A Willie There's A Waylon4.15

14-Waylon Jennings - The House Song - The Journey - Six Strings Away’99 3.33

15-Willie Nelson - Suffer In Silence - Party's Over 2.23

16-Merle Haggard - Where Does the Good Times Go - Rare Classics’91 2.06

17-Joel & LeAnne - Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes - 2Country4Nashville 3.13

18-Melba Montgomery - There's No Need To Do It - Country Girl’66 2.28

19-Walker Hayes - Mind Candy - Boom’17 3.40

20-The Blue Sky Boys - In The Hills Of Roane County - The Sunny Side Of Life’10 3.24

21-The Browns - A Rusty Old Halo - Family Bible’96 2.15

22-Jed Allen Freels - Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad - Hillcrest 90 2.39

23-Brandon McPhee - On The Road To Loving Me Again - Hillcrest 90 2.31

----------De Twaling:----------

24-The Dixie Aces - Blue Moon Of Kentucky - The Early Years’00 2.34

25-Bill Monroe - Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Blue Moon Of Kentucky’173.05

26-Sommerset - Iron And Stone - Sommerset’75 3.26

27-Wally West & Them Lostbound Souls - The Highway - Day of the Dead’12 4.21

28-Ted & Helen - Three cigarettes in an ashtray - Close together’03 2.15

29-Stroatklinkers - T Zel Weer Veujoar Worden - Knap Stoaltje’07 1.51

30-Walker Pickens - The Football Song - Walker Pickens’15 4.02

31-Wade Ray - Burning Desire - Idaho Red’96 2.10

32-Carlene Carter - Nowhere Train - Little Love Letters’93 3.14

The Highway of Country

Playlist # 43 - 08-01-2020 Techniek: Johannes Bleeker.

01-The Bootstrap Boys - New Years - Between The Hat & The Boots 1.51

02-The Bob Corbett Band - Happy New Year - Roovolution'15 3.38

03-Hop City Hellcats - Everybody Wants A Kiss On New Years Eve - Relics'18 3.42

04-Jim Chesnut - Troubadours And Dreamers -Troubadours & Dreamers'14 3.22

05-Jim Cuddy - Making My Way To You - All In Time'98 3.30

06-Ernest Tubb - That Same Old Story - Walking The Floor Over You'96 2.22

07-Jacob Davis Martin - Spiders and Snakes and Clowns - Questions of Safety '19 2.16

08-Rachel Messer - This Old Heart - California Sunrise'19 3.10

09-Ernie Constance - The Other Half Of Me - Lead A Horse To Water'17 3.01

----------De Twaling:-----------

10-Bill & Boyd - Put Another Log On The Fire - Dreamer 2.24

11-Henk Wijngaard - Gooi nog eens 'n blok op het vuur, schat 2.21

12-Nu-Blu - The Bridges That You've Burned - Vagabonds'17 2.38

13-Mike Badger - The Cowboy and His Wife - Country Side'08 2.53

14-Nudie - I've Been Here Before - Everything's Different in The Night'16 2.17

15-O. W. Walker - Ice Cold Rita - Evergreen Road 3.42

16-Oak Ramble - Life Is Good - All Downstream From Here 2.51

17-Ronnie Milsap - You're the Reason I'm Living - Country Again'11 2.44

18-Diablos - The Final Piece Of My Puzzle - One Degree Of Seperation'15 3.23

19-The Dishonest Fiddlers - Coal Mine Massacre - The Whistle Missed The Train 3.24

20-Mark Lucas - Federal Highway Blues - Little Town Blues'15 3.35

21-The Divorcees - Saltwater Cowboy - From Labour To Refreshment 3.11

22-The Dixons - Lonesome Side of Me - Broken Hearted Lovesick and Blue'08 2.33

23-Red Marlow - Country As Cornbread - Country As Cornbread'18 3.35

----------De Twaling:----------

24-Buck Owens – Together Again - Act Naturally'98 2.26

25-Emmylou Harris- Together Again – Portraits'96 3.53

26-Alyson Greene - The Picture On The Wall – Hillcrest 91 3.56

27-Andy Martin - I Can Love Again – Hillcrest 91 2.50

28-Stars Of Cascadia - No Boat To Shore – Riverside Skyline'16 4.25

29-Ferlin Husky – Slow Down Brother – 1954-1955 (Warped 5487F) 2.20

30-Jeremy Lynn Woodall - Headed Back To Texas - Headed Back To Texas'18 3.21

31-Joel Rafael – Time stands still – Thirteen Stories High'08 3.26

32-Joey + Rory – Long Line Of Love – Joey+Rory Inspired'13 3.10

33-Neal McCoy – It's Gonna Take a Little Bit Longer – A Tribute To Charley Pride 2.44

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